Mass Canvass Results

On Sunday 22 June, Radical Independence – in collaboration with dozens of local Yes groups – held over 40 canvassing sessions across Scotland, stretching from Ullapool to Dumfries. We had a dedicated website set up, listing each event and outlining our reasoning behind it. Here’s just a selection of Sunday’s canvassers:

In total, we had nearly a thousand people out, who canvassed the voting intentions of 8317 people and knocked on some 20,000 doors in the process. The results we gained varied widely between different areas, but below we’ve put together the national picture:

Every time we go canvassing, no matter the location, we’re finding a huge number of voters who’ve still to make their mind up. It shows that there’s still a huge amount of work to be done, and everything to play for as we enter the final months of the campaign. We can all play a part in shaping Scotland’s future… let’s keep up our efforts until 18 September!

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