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As of 2021, RIC is no longer active nationally. This website is an archive of activities from 2012-2020.

RIC is a non-party-political organisation, which focuses on issues-based campaigning. It does not stand or endorse candidates, and it welcomes activists from all parties and none.

While RIC has been active since 2012, it officially constituted on 28 March 2015. It is structured non-hierarchically, with autonomous local groups throughout Scotland. Most activity centres around local groups – there is no national committee or council, though delegates from local groups meet regularly for discussion and coordination. Nationally, RIC is committed to remaining non-party-political and non-hierarchical.

RIC events 2015-2020 included conferences in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, marches and anti-austerity demonstrations in Inverness, Glasgow and Aberdeen, radical economics and sustainable energy workshops in Aberdeen, radical history workshops and other events in Edinburgh, a national campaign for land reform, protests around Scotland against TTIP, May Day marches, anti-racism campaigns, vigils in support of refugees, and a multitude of other local activities.