RIC is a Scotland-wide, non-party-political campaigning organisation. We're active on issues of social justice, sustainability, democracy, equality and peace, and we welcome activists from all parties and none. This site is a hub for information and a tool for organising.

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Why we still need radical, non-electoral groups

Letter published in today’s National: In the wake of last year’s No vote, tens of thousands of Scots joined political parties. It was the first sign that a population newly energised by politics would not go back to apathy. Since then, the official Yes campaign has closed up shop, but plenty of groups born of the indyref are still going strong. Some of RIC’s supporters have gone on to develop RISE, an electoral alliance of the left, which has similar principles and long-term goals as RIC. So why do we still need a radical, non-electoral movement? Read more…

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You Can’t Bomb an Idea

Originally posted on The Practical Subversive. There really aren't any words to convey the horror of Friday night's events in Paris. Nothing can justify the actions of the terrorists,... read more


by David This is my essential piece of 21st century vocabulary. I first saw the term used in what was, very briefly, futurology. The term originated, according to the... read more