Get Involved!

As of 2021, RIC is no longer active nationally. This page remains an archive to show how it was organised.
Joining the E-Mail Announcements List

We send out occasional e-mails to highlight upcoming events and campaigns. To receive these, just use the form on the sidebar, or send an e-mail to [removed]. Feel free to use a pseudonym if you wish, or no name at all. You’ll need to confirm list membership by replying to the message you receive from, which is the service that runs the list. is an activist collective that is dedicated to privacy and data security.

If I join the e-mail list, am I a member of RIC?

No. If you wish to become a member, please do so through your local group, or contact the secretarial team.

Will you share my e-mail with anyone?

No. Never, for any reason. makes the same commitment.

Getting involved with a Local Group

You can find contact info (including social media) for all the local groups here, and details of upcoming events on the calendar page.

Do I have to become a member of RIC to get involved?

No. There is no national membership requirement and no membership fee if you decide to join (though donations are always welcome – link on the sidebar!). To work on a coordination team you normally have to be a member.

Going to RIC Events

With the exception of National Forums, all events listed on the calendar are open to the public, so feel free to come along! No activist experience necessary.

Donating to RIC

If you wish to make a one-off or recurring donation, please use the link on the sidebar, or go through PayPal directly and donate to [removed]. If you wish to donate via bank transfer, please get in touch with the finance team. From time to time we also run fundraisers for specific campaigns and goals – these will be publicised on the Announcements list, the website, and on social media.

Getting involved with a Working Group

If you’re interested in a particular issue, you can campaign with others in a national working group – details here. Your local group may also have working groups around local issues.

Getting involved with a Coordination Team

If you’re a member of RIC and interested in helping run things nationally, you can join a Coordination Team, with the nomination or approval of your local group. Details here.