Coordination Teams

National coordination teams covered the day-to-day tasks of running RIC. Members of teams were selected by local RIC groups – each team had members from at least three local groups. As of 2021, coordination teams are no longer active.

Contacting teams. Each team had a secure, privacy-aware Riseup e-mail distribution list. Messages sent to the list address (even from people outside the list) were automatically distributed to everyone in that team. These lists are no longer active. Contact information below has been removed.

Secretarial Team
to collect and distribute proposals; provide a note-taker for each National Forum and circulate minutes afterwards; maintain main RICS e-mail account; maintain e-mail list; distribute promotional materials and other information; etc.

Facilitation & Events Team
to organise & provide a chair for each National Forum and AGM; provide organisational help and facilitation for local groups as requested; collect information about venues, suppliers, etc.

Finance & Fundraising Team
to keep records of RICS’s accounts; pay invoices for expenditure approved by the National Forum; collect membership fees from affiliated organisations; organise national fundraisers; apply for grants and other funding; advise local groups on fundraisers as requested; etc.

Promotions & Media Team
to create national promotional materials, leaflets, press releases, etc; take care of national social media accounts; maintain the RICS website; collect content from local groups; assist local groups as requested; media relations; etc.

Safer Spaces Team
to deal with violations of the Safer Spaces policy. Reports to the National Forum and AGM will contain suitably anonymised summaries of any concerns raised and action taken.