Mobilising to Win

“For 30 years we have waited for Britain’s rulers to live up to our hopes. They either didn’t notice or didn’t care. But now they notice. Now they see the chance for working men and working women to take back a nation. Now they tremble at the thought that we might really do it.” From the Radical Independence Conference 2013 declaration


We start from a simple premise. No one will win the independence referendum for us. There is not one argument alone that can win. No one party will be enough.  Our success will be guaranteed through the mass organisation of ordinary people.

History is in our hands. Together we can set out a course to engage with thousands of people to promote our perspective: radical, meaningful social change, through independence for Scotland. If you have campaigned for years, then now is the time to re-double efforts. If you are new to campaigning, now is the time to get involved.

The Radical Independence Campaign is calling a National Mass Canvass on the 22nd June 2014 across the whole of Scotland.  Canvasses will run in all of the major cities but also across many towns, villages and islands, maximizing geographical coverage and inclusion.

Everyone is welcome to join. Whatever group you are in, we will promote your June 22nd event.

Our previous  mass canvass sessions, in housing estates such as Castlemilk and Drumchapel, have provided voters with the opportunity to discuss their concerns about the referendum on a one to one basis. They have been hugely popular.

This personal approach has been welcomed by residents with many stating that they were feeling neglected and their questions were not being answered. The Radical Independence Campaign is aiming to change this by speaking to as many people as possible about issues that affect them and the world around them.

We believe that engagement is key to winning. We need to listen, as well as promote our vision.

Our aim is to have as many  events running simultaneously on the 22nd June. We want to encourage more and more people to become active in their own area. We can all play our part in shaping a more equal Scotland. If you want to join a canvass or set up one yourself please contact us on email: and we will support you.

This is your time to act.

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