RIC Summit Against Unconventional Gas Extraction 2015

Our People’s Vow states our firm opposition to all forms of Unconventional Gas Extraction (UGE) in Scotland due to the associated environmental, social and economic risks. We will campaign against this exploitation of individuals, communities and our land until we see this socially irresponsible practice banned in Scotland.

In order to maximise our combined effort, RIC is holding a Summit Against Unconventional Gas Extraction in Glasgow on Saturday 7 February 2015. The aims of the summit include skills and information sharing and to provide an opportunity to network and organise.

The summit will be a full day and include keynote speakers, breakout sessions and the opportunity for groups to communicate with one another to enhance local and national impact.

£8 Waged
£5 Unwaged
Purchase here (through Eventbrite)

8:30am: Registration
9:00am: Conference opening
4:45pm: Conference closing

Pearce Institute, 840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow
Close to Govan subway station

Gillian Wales

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