Safer Spaces Policy

From the RICS Constitution:

27. Safer Spaces. RICS’s Safer Spaces policy will apply to all meetings and activities at national level, including online discussions on social media or by email:

Violent, threatening, or deliberately offensive behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC). Individuals who engage in these behaviours will be excluded from our gatherings and online discussions.

a) A full text version of the Safer Spaces policy is available on the RICS website.

b) The Safer Spaces team will have responsibility for dealing with any Safer Spaces issues that arise. If a member of the Safer Spaces team is involved in a local group, coordination team or working group where an issue arises, that member will not be involved in dealing with the issue.

c) At the guidance of the Safer Spaces Team, the National Forum or AGM may cancel a person’s membership at any time if they are found to have seriously or continually violated the Safer Spaces Policy.

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