RIC Statement: Moving Forward

The following was agreed by the Radical Independence Campaign National Forum, composed of local branch delegates and affiliated supporters, on Saturday 27 September 2014.

The Radical Independence Campaign has played an important role in the referendum. The engagement with communities all over Scotland inspired a democratic revival of historic proportions. We are proud to have been a part of that process.

We believe that process continues to broaden. As the austerity agenda intensifies and the march to another war starts, the need for a broad, radical social movement of the left continues.

We were set up as something more than an independence campaign.

We stand for a Scotland that is:

  • For a social alternative to austerity and privatisation
  • Green and environmentally sustainable
  • A modern republic for real democracy
  • Committed to equality and opposition to discrimination on grounds of gender, race, disability or sexuality
  • Internationalist and opposed to war, NATO and Trident

We will support existing anti-war movements, and the anti-austerity movement as well as initiating campaigns promoting social justice and democracy. We will go to the communities who voted for a better future and re-engage. We will act as a broad movement for change that continues to promote the idea that another Scotland is possible.

We will endeavour to keep raising ambitions and expectations of what is possible. We demand a better standard of living for working people. We will campaign for an end to poverty wages, an end to oppressive sanctions and to poor housing. We will campaign to end the scourge of unemployment. We will continue to develop a people’s movement where we speak up for the millions who want change. We will work to make sure the voices of our communities are heard.

We will continue to work with the independence movement, and will raise the need for Scotland to be an independent nation, free from the British State. We re-assert that our campaign is based on social justice and peace.

Our branches will be discussing and debating how best to advance this cause in their local areas. We invite the whole of the movement to our conference in November where we will debate the way forward.

We started with big ideas, we engaged with communities. Our ideas will stay radical and our movement rooted in the idea that people make change. We will continue to link with our international partners to build another world. We commit to an agenda for change in Scotland and beyond.

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