RIC Statement: “Edinburgh Question Time panel is not a fair reflection of the independence debate in Scotland”

This is the press statement the Radical Independence Campaign has put out regarding our protest against Nigel Farage’s return to Edinburgh to join the Question Time panel on Thursday evening.

Radical Independence activist: “Edinburgh Question Time panel is not a fair reflection of the independence debate in Scotland”

The Radical Independence Campaign (Edinburgh) have called for a protest and lobby of tonight’s BBC Question Time to oppose the visit of Nigel Farage and the appalling bias of tonight’s panel on the TV show.

It is Farage’s first appearance north of the border since he faced humiliating protests on his last visit to the Scottish capital, when the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) and other protesters made it clear his racist politics aren’t welcome in Scotland.

RIC have organised another protest as we believe Nigel Farage and George Galloway’s presence on the Question Time panel in Edinburgh shows the producers of BBC Question Time are out of touch with Scottish public opinion. By inviting 6 guests, 4 who are pro-union, 1 pro-independence and 1 non-aligned, it is obvious that they have not organised a fair and balanced debate.

Liam O’Hare, a spokesperson for RIC Edinburgh, said:

“Neither Farage nor Galloway represent Scottish constituencies, and neither UKIP nor Respect have any elected representatives in Scotland. Their invitation to participate in Edinburgh Question Time ahead of other elected figures is tantamount to media bias. Nigel Farage is a bigot and a racist, and his views are not welcome in Scotland; a fact that has been consistently stated by the Scottish electorate.. ”

“Why has the BBC invited Farage and Galloway to participate in the question time debate and not Patrick Harvie? It is clear that the BBC is prioritizing shock jock punditry ahead of facilitating a meaningful debate on the future of Scotland. This is being billed as an ‘independence special’ and should therefore reflect the debate properly. Now more than ever we need a real debate on what independence will mean for ordinary people – instead we are given cheap TV lacking in substance. It is shameful and RIC will be lobbying the BBC tonight to say as much.”

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