Introducing the RIC School Students Network

As you may have seen on social media or heard at the Conference on 23rd November, there is now a new dimension to our ever growing campaign with the set up of a School Students network. Despite it only being in the initial set-up process, we have already had several enquiries as to what work will the network will be participating in and how the network will operate across Scotland. Below, we address these queries in as much depth as is possible at this early stage:


The network will function within the current existing RIC structure and will have a representative from each of the RIC branches across Scotland. Those representatives will then form the core organisation of the network and will be responsible for overseeing the development of activity in their designated area. The organiser from each branch will then be responsible for storing details of those interested and will pass those details on to be held centrally in a network wide database..


The network will be participating in various activity across the country and this will largely be down to the organisers afore mentioned to ensure this happens in their area. However, we do have broad network wide ambitions such as facilitating debate, presenting at assemblies and offering schools the chance of a Q&A session with our representatives in both modern studies classes and across their school as a whole. We also hope to ensure the youth voice is heard more of in the coming  months and will be contacting local and national press to ensure that voices of young people are heard in this life changing decision in the history of Scotland and that we have sufficient and fair coverage in the months ahead

We recognise the impact that the young people of Scotland can have on deciding the result of the referendum and we feel our message of a radical change in the society we live in can have the desired impact on the voting intentions of young people. Our central aim is quite simple, we aim to ensure that the young people of Scotland realise that a Yes vote is an opportunity to fundamentally transform and shape the country in which they will live and work.

For further information or if you wish to be involved in the campaign, email us at or contact us on twitter: @RICSchools. See also the facebook page here.

Liam McLaughlan
National Organiser

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