RIC Glasgow Launch meeting 20th February

20th February, 7pm, STUC Building, 333 Woodlands Rd, Glasgow

The Radical Independence Conference brought over 800 people from many diverse backgrounds who collectively believe that ‘Another Scotland is Possible’ – a vision for a people’s independence that breaks with the inequality and injustice of Britain and Westminster rule.

Now the real work begins – we need to sell that vision to the 1 in 5 Scots up and down the country who are yet to make up their minds on independence. A vision that independence is about what sort of society we live in – a society ruled by Tories that look after the rich and the interests of the US, or a society that cares about welfare, employment, peace and the environment.

The launch meeting of RIC Glasgow will be a practical meeting. It will be about organising to get a Radical Independence message out to those who aren’t already part of the independence movement.

The meeting will be divided into workshops to facilitate this. Workshops include:

– Planned actions and local meetings
– Scrap Trident three days of mobilisation 13-15th of April
– Media work
– People’s Independence Tour

If you would like to propose other workshops please email radicalindependence@gmail.com

P.S Please Invite others you know who couldn’t attend the conference or found out about its success afterwards – the conference created a buzz that we need to capitalise on now if we are going to achieve a Yes vote.

*There are similiar meetings already happening in Dundee and Edinburgh. If you would like to have a meet-up in your town or city please get in touch at radicalindependence@gmail.com

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