A People’s History of Scotland Book Launch

TIME: 6:30PM

In September 2014, the people of Scotland will decide whether–after 407 years of British rule–they want to be an independent country.

Chris Bambery, a leading figure in the Scottish Independence campaign, seizes the opportunity to delve into the real and oft-forgotten history of Scotland in his new book A People’s History of Scotland. He will be in conversation with Pete Ramand, co-author of Yes: The Radical Case for Scottish Independence.

A People’s History of Scotland is a corrective to the usual history of kings and queens, victorious battles and bloody defeats. Rather it tells the story that matters today–the story of freedom fighters, suffragettes, the workers of Red Clydeside who fought for their rights, and the contemporary struggle for independence. It looks at the struggles for nationhood as well as for a socialist future, while also charting the lives of Scots who changed the world: from the real Macbeth, to the father of modern capitalism, Adam Smith, as well as campaigner Mary Brooksbank.

Yes: The Radical Case for Scottish Independence is an accessible polemic written for progressives both north and south of the border, Yes argues that independence can reinvigorate campaigns against austerity across Britain and deal a blow to the imperialist ambitions of the British state.

An urgent and invigorating political intervention, Yes argues that even if the referendum result is ‘no’, a progressive independence campaign will alter the political landscape. Written by leading activists from the Radical Independence Campaign, Yes will be a unique contribution to the referendum debate.

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