Opening Statement

We call on all progressive people and organisations to support, attend and participate in a conference to found an extra parliamentary, pro-independence campaign which puts forward a vision for Scotland that is:

  • Green and environmentally sustainable
  • Internationalist and opposed to Trident and war
  • For a social alternative to austerity and privatisation
  • A modern republic for real democracy
  • Committed to equality and opposed to discrimination on grounds of gender, race or sexuality

This campaign belongs to everyone who holds a radical vision of an Independent Scotland. Socialists, environmentalists, trade unionists, youth, anti-poverty campaigners, cultural figures and all individuals who support the aims of this movement are encouraged to get involved.

The conference is to be held on November 24th in Glasgow. Please get in touch to add your support or to request more information. A meeting for supporters to come together to discuss the format of the conference will be called soon.

Signatories (in a personal capacity):

Iain Banks (author)

Bella Caledonia

John Duffy (Secretary FBU Scotland)

Sinead Dunn (President Glasgow School of Art Students’ Association)

Patrick Harvie MSP (Greens)

Joan Humphreys (Peace activist)

Isobel Lindsay (Vice Chair Scottish CND)

Gordon Maloney (NUS Scotland national executive)

Campbell Martin (Scottish Socialist Party)

John McAllion (Chair Dundee Pensioners’ Forum)

Mhari McAlpine (blogger and activist)

Robin McAlpine (Chair Jimmy Reid Foundation + Editor Scottish Left Review)

Greame McIvor (National Secretary Solidarity)

Patrick O’Hare (President St Andrews University)

Jonathon Shafi (International Socialist Group)

Domnique Ucbas (VP Strathclyde Students Union)

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