Statement on EU Referendum Result


The UK has voted to Leave the European Union and the ramifications are massive, not least for Scotland. 62% of voters in Scotland chose to remain in the EU, a considerably higher proportion than the 55% who voted to remain in the UK in 2014. Yesterday’s decisive outcome clearly shows that the people of Scotland have different constitutional aspirations than the people of England and Wales, 53% of whom voted to leave the EU. There is now a constitutional divide between Scotland and the rest of the UK that is untenable.

Shortly, the UK Government will begin exit negotiations with the EU, expected to take two years. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has stated that she intends to defend Scotland’s place within the EU. Given that material circumstances have changed, the Scottish Parliament now has a mandate to call a second referendum on Scottish independence.

The Radical Independence Campaign will take a leading role in the fight for Scottish independence in any future referendum.

In taking this forward, RIC will:

1) Argue to maintain freedom of movement within the EU, and for Scotland to play its full part in taking in refugees from mainland Europe, showing our anti-racist, internationalist spirit in practise.

2) Work with the Left across Europe to make the case for a new social charter for Europe, including ending the disastrous austerity policies that have blighted the whole of the continent. There must be a commitment to renewing workers’ and trade union rights, changing procurement and competition rules which favour the private sector over the public, democratising European institutions and debt relief for Greece.

3) Stand with all people against racism and xenophobia, regardless of their views on Scottish independence or how they voted in the EU referendum. We stand in defence of all EU citizens living and working in Scotland, and support their right to continue doing so without fear or uncertainty.

4) Organise an emergency RIC conference for all independence supporters in Scotland to collectively work out the urgent tasks ahead. We will invite the international and European left to attend.




  • Richard Brewster

    I’m with you!

  • paul salveson

    It’s particularly difficult for radical regionalists in the North of England, where a majority of our people voted leave. I suspect many will come to regret that decision. So what should Northern regionalists do? We want to work with yourselves – but should the long-term aim now be an independent North working with Scotland – and Wales

  • We need this more than ever now. It has to be a full mobilisation of the working class and those who will stand with us.

  • Thanks I stand with the eu and the yes new and old let’s rid our self o the out dated and far right politics of the south

  • Gerry Robertson

    We must channel the undoubted anger and dismay of Scotland’s electorate towards a measured and comprehensive position in favour of an independent Scotland in full membership of the European Union.

  • Thanks for putting this statement together so quickly and responding to this dreadful situation so clearly. But please can you correct the figures – both were wrong!

    UK vote: 51.9% Leave; 48.9% Remain
    Scottish vote: 38.0% Leave; 62.0% Remain

    Scource: BBC website

    Best wishes


    • Done! The England and Wales figures were calculated by removing the Scottish and Northern Irish vote from the UK total.

  • I like the Scots, you’re feisty, I like that. But I can’t wait for you in the minority up there to get your wish. Your economy wouldn’t allow you into the EU for God knows how long, you’re in a worse state than Greece. You’d be bankrupt without the English.

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