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First off, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped with the conference and the nearly 300 folk who came along on Saturday – especially all the speakers, everyone who invited speakers, all the volunteers, and folk who brought stalls. And extra special thanks to Pat for organising the creche and organising/coordinating the volunteers, Sam for coordinating volunteers, Graeme for organising the stalls and inviting loads of speakers, Gill for welcoming folk with her legendary panda suit, Ross for dealing with the press and doing loads of tweeting, and Duncan and everyone else on the conference team for all their hard work.

If you missed the conference, the main sessions and several smaller sessions were livestreamed by the lovely folk at Independence Live (big thank you to them too!), and you can watch here:

If you enjoyed watching the conference, please consider making a wee donation towards its costs (our PayPal is, link in the side column). Thank you!

The conference was covered in at least four of the Scottish Sunday papers, and on loads of alternative media. Here’s some highlights:

The Herald – New move to unite Yes parties and push for indyref2 in 2021

Common Space – To leave or not to leave? The Scottish historians split on EU vote

Common Space – David Carr – Rolling with RIC

Sarah Beattie-Smith’s Campaign Diary

Common Space – Audio – Cat Boyd, Maggie Chapman and Jim Sillars respond to EU deal

Common Space – Robin McAlpine: We are “in talks” to relaunch the Yes campaign

The Herald – Jim Sillars accuses SNP of ‘soft-selling’ independence

The Daily Record – SNP veteran Jim Sillars calls for launch of pro-independence campaign after Holyrood election in May

If you’ve written about the conference in your blog or on facebook, please let us know, so we can link to it!

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