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The Radical Independence Campaign has made a huge contribution to the Independence movement. We believe our meetings, conferences, local group activities and our dynamic approach to campaigning and developing a new grassroots movement of the radical left can really make a difference in helping to win the referendum. Last year we brought together over 1000 activists and outlined our vision for a new Scotland. Now we are working flat out to get that message to the communities that need it most.

Everything that we have done has been run on a shoe string budget. We have no full-time staff, but we do have dedicated activists all over the country. We have never let our lack of funds dampen our ambitions – and now we are asking you for one last cash injection before the big day itself. From building a network of pro-independence school students, to running community events and canvassing we want to everything we can to inspire and empower.

So, if you’ve been to our events, and seen us on the streets, if you believe that a movement for social justice needs to be at the heart of the independence movement, and progressive left wing ideals at the heart of the debate then we’d really appreciate your financial support. With your help we can transform Scotland.

We need one last financial contribution from you to reach a £3000 target. This will:

Allow us to get materials into as many target areas as possible
Help us set up new groups
Undertake a mass campaign including tours, meetings, demonstrations etc
Having no full-time staff, not worrying about money means we can focus our energy on winning as many Yes votes as possible and dedicate time to developing the campaign.
We will have a number of surprise events, many being developed locally, which need your funding to make the impact they need to

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that you may not be able to donate financially, but we value any input you can provide. Email for more information or check the following links for activities in your area and information on how you can set up your own group, affiliate and shape the campaign.


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