The Final Push

It has been an incredible journey so far. From the huge conferences to brilliant local groups all over Scotland and sold out lectures with Tariq Ali, we have worked flat out since 2012. With the development of the mass canvass focusing on areas of low voter turn out, we have done everything we can to ensure a radical voice is heard throughout the debate, and contributed in a big way to winning Yes votes.

Now we are entering the critical point in the referendum, and we need to step up our activities on all fronts. We are determined, dedicated and diverse. But to ensure success in these concluding months, we do need your financial support.

We need more days of action, more support for local initiatives and a complete focus on winning the Yes vote.

We want to be flat out every single day in August. But to achieve all that we want we need money for everything from materials and resources to venue and meeting space hire. Canvasses are followed up with meetings for undecided voters. We are increasing the intensity of our outreach, and winning people every day.

We have been run on a shoestring budget. We have no paid organisers or staff. But just look at what’s been achieved. With your help we can make a decisive contribution to the independence movement at the critical time.

We hope that given our track record you know that a donation to us will be money well spent.

All over Scotland RIC groups are organising in communities. No one party and no single argument will win this. Our message connects in key areas, and with your help we can do even more.

£6,000 is the absolute minimum we need, but if we get more we can do more. So please, give as generously as you can. We value every single contribution, large and small. Every penny is put towards the key task of winning a big Yes vote in September.

Donations can be made here.

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