‘Britain is for the rich’: Support Grows for Yes vote in Poorest Communities

We are pleased to report today that our targeted campaigning efforts in areas of multiple deprivation with low voter registration and low voter turn-out have seen a substantial majority in favour of independence.

Analysing results from groups in Glasgow West, Aberdeen and Dundee shows just how much there is a thirst for new ideas and for breaking from Westminster.

A sample of 900 canvass returns taken in areas of Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen, brought the following results:

Undecided 35 per cent
Yes 48 per cent
No 17 per cent

When the undecideds are taken out the result is:

Yes 74 per cent
No 26 per cent

Over the coming weeks we aim to produce a detailed report of our campaigning, this is just a glimpse of the potential of a transformative Yes vote.

Commenting on the canvassing effort, Duncan McCabe of Radical Independence Dundee looks at how the referendum campaign has begun to re-engage an apathetic population with the political process.
‘Britain is for the Rich: Scotland can be Ours’ targeted campaign begins on Wednesday with mass canvass in Easterhouse

The Sunday Herald carries coverage today of RIC’s new targeted campaign strategy to show why Britain works for the rich, including a comment piece from RIC’s Jonathon Shafi. The campaign, which will go online on Wednesday 26th of February, includes statistics showing that Britain is behind our European neighbours on almost every indicator of social and economic progress.

The campaign is specifically targeting Scotland’s poorest communities and we will be kicking-off with a mass canvass in Easterhouse on the evening of Wednesday 26th of February. We encourage yes supporters from across Glasgow to join us on Wednesday in Easterhouse, join the facebook event here.

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