Hundreds rally against Farage in Edinburgh: “Anti-UKIP, Not Anti-English”

The Radical Independence Campaign organised a ‘United against UKIP’ protest against Nigel Farage’s visit to Edinburgh this evening. Over five-hundred people turned out to say ‘No to UKIP, Yes to a diverse, welcoming Scotland’.

Andy Ashe, Radical Independence Campaign organiser in Edinburgh, said:

It’s obvious for anyone here this evening what this fantastic protest is about: Nigel Farage’s politics of racism and bigotry are not welcome in Scotland and over five-hundred people have shown up to say that we want a Scotland that is multicultural, welcoming and diverse. The UK’s politics are increasingly being pulled towards the hard right as immigrants and the unemployed are demonised for the economic problems that were caused by the bankers and the political elite. In Scotland we want to pull everyone together, no matter what there background, and say we can have social justice and equality for everyone in society. Farage, a banker from the City of London, stands for elitism, isolationism, nostalgia for empire and general bigotry. That’s everything that we don’t want Scotland to be.”

Speakers from various campaigns and organisations including Disability Rights and anti-racism campaigns spoke at the rally. John McArdle, from the Black Triangle Disability Rights campaign, said:

“UKIP is deceiving the people, immigrants are not to blame.”

Here’s some pictures from the protest:


– The Radical Independence Campaign was initiated in November 2012 to bring together the left of the independence movement to campaign for independence on the basis of wanting radical social change.
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