#GlobalScotland Rally: Friday 12 September

From the very outset of the referendum debate we have sought to put internationalism at the heart of our movement.  Just days before the referendum we are hosting a rally and social with speakers from the international left, music and spoken word in the Oran Mor Auditorium, on Friday 12 September from 7pm.

As we move towards a Yes vote, this event will highlight Scotland’s role within the international movement against austerity, privatisation and war. It will be a celebration of multiculturalism, and a rejection of racism and imperialism. We have said Another Scotland is Possible, but we also believe that an independent Scotland can be a platform for change internationally, as movements link up their opposition to their own establishments, with the hope for an alternative to a system that exploits and divides so that a tiny elite may prosper.

Buy advance tickets here (£2/£10): https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ric-international-rally-social-tickets-12912544769 or email radicalindependence@gmail.com to reserve spaces.

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