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RIC- Edinburgh Assemblies

i)         24.1.18 - Contesting the Edinburgh City Council Cuts

8 people attended

                        Facilitator - Pete Cannell
                        Speaker - Duncan Smith - Chairperson City of Edinburgh Unison                              
A report van be seen at:-
                        http://radicalindyedinburgh.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/contesting-                             edinburgh-city-cuts.html
Following the discussion it was agreed to circulate RIC-Edinburgh supporters with notice of the Edinburgh TUC meeting on 3.2.18 
ii)        28.2.18 - Rail Nationalisation (postponed to May due to snow)
iii)       28.3.18 - Climate Change
11 people attended
Facilitator - Steve McMurray
Speakers - Sarah Beattie-Smith, World Wildlife Fund                                                                 Caroline Rance, Friends of the Earth
A full report can be seen at:-                                                                                                  
iv)        24.4.18 - No Problem Here  - Understanding Racism in Scotland
Facilitator - Samena Dean
Speakers - Neil Davidson, Maureen McBride, Allan Armstrong                                     (contributors to the book No Problem Here)
 This can be seen on You Tube at:-

 22 people attended

RIC Edinburgh Organising Meetings

 29.1.18 - 4 people attended
 12.2.18 (special conference organising meeting) - 3 people attended
 5.3.18 - 3 people attended
 2.4.18 - 4 people attended

 28.4.18 (preparatory organising meeting for National Forum) - 4 people attended - draft motion agreed
Other RIC events
 i)         RIC-Edinburgh hosted the RIC National Spring Conference, Methodist Church, Nicolson Square, 10.3.18 , 11.00-1700

Session 1:  11.30-12.30
The effect of Brexit on Scottish independence 

Chair - James Foley (Dumfries RIC) 

Maggie Chapman (Scottish Greens) & Neil Davidson (RS21)

Lunch : 12.30-13.15
Session 2: 13.15- 14.15
What now after the Scottish Independence Convention meeting

Chair - Myshele Heywood (Aberdeen RIC)

Lesley Riddoch, Jonathon Shafi (RIC) 

Session 3: 14.15-15.30
The effect of Corbynisn on Scottish politics 

Chair - Stuart Fairweather (Dundee RIC) 

            Cat Boyd (RIC), Rory Scorthorne (Labour Party), Tommy Sheppard (SNP)

Session 4: 15.30-16.30
International connections Catalunya and Ireland

Chair - Frances Curran (Glasgow RIC) 

George Kerevan (SNP), Gerry Carroll (People before Profit MLA) 

Winding Up: 16.30-17.00

(all speakers in personal capacity)
            Over a 120 people attended                
            The event had been covered by IndyLive and an article in bella  caledonia:- 

            It was agreed to support the Hands Off Our Parliament, Hands off                                     Holyrood demonstration on March 10th.

Other events supported by RIC-Edinburgh

 i)         bella caledonia 10th anniversary event, Counting House, Edinburgh, 24.1.18
 Performers - Kathryn Joseph, Siobhan Wilson

 ii)        Workshop- Edinburgh Council Budget, 3.2.18, 10.00 - 13.00
The City Council is expected to be making a further £50m of cuts in the coming year which will result in loss of services and loss of  jobs.
Speakers -Alison Murphy, Secretary, Edinburgh EIS,                                                                      Brian Robertson, Secretary, UNITE, City of  Edinburgh Council Branch                                                                                                         Des Loughney, Secretary, UNITE, Edinburgh Not For Profit Branch
iii)       Anti-fascist Protest, Bute House, 4.2.18, 13.30 
See report at:-
iv)        Art, Catalonia & the Spanish Civil War, looking at Picasso, Miro and the poster art of the Civil War, 5.2.18, 19.00, Augustine Church
Illustrated talk by Chris Bambery (author of People's History of  Scotlandwith George Kerevan (ex-SNP MP)
v)       Book launch - No Problem Here - Understanding Racism in Scotland, Blackwells,            15.3.18, 18.30
Speakers - Neil Davidson, Minna Liinpaa, Nasar Meer
vi)        Hands Off Our Parliament, Hands off Holyrood  demonstration,  23.3.18                                                     
About 1800 people had attended, many from outside Edinburgh. Despite its size there was no press coverage. 
vii)     Demonstration in support of Catalan education minister, Clara Ponsati, Edinburgh Sheriff Court, 28.3.18
Despite the low-key publicity this had been well attended. On this occasion there were plenty of journalists.
It was agreed that RIC-Edinburgh should donate £100 to the legal funds to finance Clara Ponsati's legal defence
viii)     Demonstration in support of Clara Ponsati, Edinburgh Sheriff  Court, 12.4.18
See report of both demonstrations at:-
Includes song In Defence of Our Professor, by RIC supporter, Gerry Mulvenna