Easterhouse RIC meetings this Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday 10th April, 7pm: Stop The Bedroom Tax – Stop the Tories!

Glenburn Centre, Easthall, Easterhouse

This event is to inform and prepare people about the effects of the upcoming benefit cuts and Bedroom Tax, with representatives from the local Housing Association, Citizens Advice  Bureau, Unite Communities and more.

For further info contact Tony on (redacted)

Thursday 11th April, 7pm: Easterhouse People’s Independence Assembly

The Hub, 49 Wellhouse Crescent, Easterhouse

As part of the People’s Independence Tour RIC campaigners in Easterhouse have organised an exciting line-up of speakers

Patrick Harvie: Glasgow Southside Green Party MSP

Liam Mclaughlan – school student and activist in Easterhouse

Tony Kenny – local community activist and RIC member. Stood for election to Glasgow City Council in May 2011 and subsequently quit the SNP over the U-turn on NATO

Linda Faethey- Glasgow against ATOS member. Campaigning for the rights of disabled people against immoral testing system from ATOS and Westminster Govt.

Sarah Glynn – She is the head of Scottish Unemployed Worker’s Network and is also a leading anti cuts and anti war campaigner in Dundee.

Nathan Sparling- former NUS Scotland and LGBT officer. Was heavily involved in the campaign for equal marriage.

Scottish CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) are also sending along a representative, although who it is they’re unsure of yet.

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