New RIC campaign: ‘Britain is for the rich: Scotland can be Ours’

The Radical Independence Campaign has launched a new targeted campaign to convince those suffering most from the British state of the case for a yes vote in the independence referendum: ‘Britain is for the rich: Scotland can be Ours’.

The campaign was heavily covered in the Sunday Herald, including this piece from RIC activist Jonathon Shafi explaining the new targeted campaign strategy.

The campaign back and front of the leaflet is below, as well as a full statistics breakdown. We want to get these posters, leaflets and stickers out in working class communities across Scotland, and used on canvassing efforts.

Please e-mail for more information on the campaign.

Full statistics breakdown (click for source)

Britain is the country with the second lowest pay among advanced economies.

Since 2010 British wages have fallen faster than all but three other EU countries.

We work the third longest hours in the EU.

The UK has the third highest housing costs in Europe.

Britain has the highest rail prices in Europe.

The UK is second worst for fuel poverty in Europe.

We have the least happy children in the developed world.

The worst infant mortality rates in Western Europe.

Some of the worst child poverty in the industrialised world.

Britain’s elderly are the fourth poorest in the EU.

Britain has the eighth biggest gap between men and women’s pay in Europe.

Childcare costs are much higher than most European countries.

Britain is the fourth most unequal developed society.

Britain has a wealth gap twice as wide as any other EU country.

Britain has the greatest regional inequality in Europe.

Britain has the lowest level of trust in its politicians in Europe.
P. Norris, Democratic Defecit: Critical Citizens Revisted, Cambridge University Press, 2011, pp 74

Britain’s productivity is 16 percent behind the average of advanced economies.

Britain has the worst record on industrial production of advanced economies.

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