Better Together: “dirty money” protest

Monday the 6th of May, at the Better Together HQ at 5 Blytheswood Square.

The Radical Independence Campaign is supporting a protest outside the Better Together headquarters over the 500,000 dodgy donation from Ian Taylor, chief exec of Vitol, an oil company that has been involved in supporting warlords and murderous dictators from Iraq to Serbia, as well as Taylor being part of the cash for access scandal at Westminster.

Better Together solicited the donation of £500,000 for millionaire Tory businessman Ian Taylor. Previously Labour had described the money he gives to the Conservatives as “Dirty Money.” That didn’t stop Alistair Darling (according to Ian Taylor himself) soliciting a private meeting with Taylor on the Isle of Lewis, where the boss of the giant commodity trading firm Vitol pledged £500,000. Ian Taylor does not live in Scotland. His recent Scottish business interests here involve shale gas ‘fracking’ – which will poison Scotland in the same way it has poisoned much of the USA, tainting drinking water, destroying crops, and killing wildlife (what a “patriotic Scot,” to borrow Better Together’s careworn phrase).

He is more famous however for giving a $1million payout to Serbian war criminal and gangster Arkan, for ‘services rendered’ (allegedly intimidating rivals, during a shadowy oil deal).

Vitol – which Taylor has ran for over a decade – was fined $17.5 million in the USA for illegally breaking sanctions over the Iraq oil for food programme, propping up Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist regime, while further starving the Iraqi people. Vitol is currently being investigated for apparently making illegal oil deals with Iran, again busting sanctions.

Aside from poisoning Scotland through fracking, paying out money to mafiosa war criminals for ‘services’, and propping up Ba’athist terror, and sanction busting in Iran, Vitol is the world’s largest commodity trading company and has recently started doing a nice little earner in grain speculation – ie making money from artificially created spikes in food prices, which leads to famine and mass starvation.

Despite all of this information being public knowledge, and a matter of public record, Better Together and Taylor have threatened legal action against those who have republished this information together, in an effort to silence criticism.

Ian Taylor is Better Together’s biggest donor. This kind of “Dirty Money,” to borrow a Labour MP’s phrase, is an affront to Scottish democracy, and throwing around threats of legal action against those who criticise Better Together for attempting to subvert our democracy with piles of this bloody cash is simply not on. Enough is enough. We are organising to demonstrate against this attempt to poison Scottish politics.

If you believe in ethical standards in politics, join us on Monday the 6th of May, at the Better Together HQ at 5 Blytheswood Square to say: PAY BACK THE DIRTY MONEY!

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