Affiliations and the National Forum

We are now entering the critical stage of the Independence Campaign. The Radical Independence Campaign has been to the forefront of putting forward an alternative radical vision to neoliberal Britain at our national conferences and at an array of local meetings and events.

In the last year we have witnessed the growth of vibrant local RIC branches all over Scotland which have been developing new ways to get our message across.

We want the input of local activists and supporting campaigns, organisations and parties to shape RIC strategies, initiatives and events.

To do that we organise National Forums where delegates from local groups meet to discuss ideas and plan national events.

Set up a new branch

You can set up your own branch or university/college group if there is not one in your area. E-Mail: and we will provide you with advice, contacts with nearby groups and help finance your first public meeting. Local branches carry out campaigning which they feel best fits their local area. Additionally, to agree national campaigns, every RIC branch is entitled to send 2 delegates to the National Forum.

Affiliate to RIC

RIC is supported by a host of organisations from SCND members through to political parties and pressure groups. If you are a member of an organisation that would like to affiliate, please e-mail:

The affiliation fee for organisations is £50 or more depending on what is affordable for your organisation. We welcome your affiliation to RIC, your financial contribution/s and your active involvement both nationally and locally. Affiliated organisations are entitled to send up to 2 delegates to each National Forum.

RIC School Students Network

To mobilise the Yes vote amongst school students, we have set up a network to coordinate activities. If you are interested in setting up a group in your school please get in touch here:

For further information or if you wish to be involved in the campaign, email us at

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