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RIC has groups established across Scotland. Get involved with the Radical Independence Campaign – together we can transform Scotland. See our post referendum statement here. Here’s four ways you can get involved:

Sign up to our newsletter to find out what Radical Independence are doing to win a Yes vote, and a better Scotland

If you’re on social media, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. You can also email us at radicalindependence@gmail.com

Join your local branch.

If you can, donate.

Safer Spaces Policy
Violent, threatening, or deliberately offensive behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC), in accordance with our safer spaces policy. Individuals who engage in these behaviours will be excluded from our gatherings and online discussions. If you wish to complain about an individual’s behaviour please contact Sarah Beattie-Smith, Janet Moxley or Andrew Ashe.

National Forums
The Radical Independence Campaign is run entirely by volunteers. Decisions are made at regular national forums which include representatives from different organisations involved with RIC as well as each of our local groups.

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