A Call to Resist


Scotland is now a country governed by a party it did not vote for. We voted, definitively, against austerity. We concluded that the Tories’ policies would permanently damage the social fabric of democracy and civil rights. We defend democracy and reject the right wing agenda entirely.

The brutal cuts we have already had will pale in comparison to the cuts that are to come. The Conservatives plan to usurp democratic and human rights. A struggle of historic proportions lies ahead.

The Union is at breaking point. We are developing a strategy for independence from Westminster, neo-liberalism and Tory brutality.

The Tories want to transform the UK in 100 days, as they attempt to take us back 100 years. We will not allow their assault on our society to go ahead unopposed. We will now mount a battle against austerity and neo-liberalism in Scotland and beyond. We call on all the progressives in UK and around the world to give solidarity to our struggle, as we will to yours.

1) We will call for and support mobilisations of opposition to the Tory agenda including demonstrations, occupations and, where necessary, non violent civil disobedience

2) We will actively mobilise support and assistance for any union that breaks the coming anti-strike laws. We will provide mass solidarity on the streets, on the picket lines and in the media.

3) We commit to building an educational movement that will raise our ideological weight in the stand off against neo-liberalism

4) We will work in solidarity with the movement in the rest of the UK in concrete terms. Our resistance is one.

5) We will discuss a strategy for independence, which we see as being a central and permanent theme, now intensified as a result of the General Election

6) We will work out ways that our activism can deliver practical support in communities all over Scotland. We are there to support local campaigns of resistance, and we will raise local issues to a national level in the spirit of generalising resistance to the Tories. We will support the development of grassroots initiatives aimed at aiding communities through austerity and cuts.

7) We call for the Scotland Office to be abolished. We will implement a range of measures to ensure this happens.

8) We call for support for all independence and anti-austerity groups. We will seek to work on areas of common ground.

9) We will have meetings and rallies throughout the course of the coming months and years to provide a broad left platform for debating strategy and implementing action.

10) We will hold another mass conference this year. We will use this as a platform to propel the social movements of the radical left into the fight against Westminster.

Announcements of action to come.

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